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17 Sleeper Hit Recipes You May Have Forgotten About—But We Didn’t

Carla Lalli Music submitted a recipe that slides under the radar because it’s TOO BEAUTIFUL. “I don’t understand why more people don’t make this,” she said. “Oh wait, maybe it’s because you have to perfectly slice a bunch of potatoes, par-cook them in batches with homemade clarified butter, then shingle them in a mesmerizing spiral pattern, working in layers and drizzling with more butter all the time. Once that’s accomplished, you have to cook it in stages, first on the stovetop and finally in the oven. But: My word. When this thing comes out of the oven it is a testament to everything holy about potatoes, butter, and salt, and why they belong together, forever.”


6 Recipes to Help You Recommit to Cooking in the New Year

Crispy chickpeas and smashed potatoes share the plate with lemon-juiced onions, tomatoes, and olives, all balanced by a creamy spread of yogurt. Brought to life with Greek Seasoning, made with oregano, garlic, cinnamon, peppermint, dill, nutmeg, red pepper, and chives. It turns your favorite staples, like potatoes, into flavorful masterpieces.


Our Staff’s Favorite Healthyish Recipes of 2018

Let’s admit that, on its own, cauliflower rice is…. watery fluff. If you season it with enough salt, it might be palatable, but the real move is to top it with Coconut-Turmeric Relish—my favorite Healthyish recipe of 2018 (and probably a sleeper hit?)—which makes it totally delicious and impossible to put down. “Relish” sounds like you’ll have to do a lot of chopping but, in reality, you mix lemon-pickled raisins with a flavor-jammed oil made with coconut flakes, garlic, chile, mustard seeds, and turmeric. It’s hot, sweet, earthy, crunchy, crispy—all the things! And while it’s great over cauli rice, I eat it over eggs, sautéed kale (splayed over lemony yogurt), savory oats, and roasted squash. Gimme! – Sarah Jampel, contributing editor


The 10 Most Popular Healthy Recipes of 2018

Turkey burgers always sound like a great idea, but they too often taste like a fat sawdust patty. No more, friends! Mashing avocado into the turkey mixture helps prevent the meat from shrinking and drying out during cooking, which is why these stay awesomely juicy, even when they’re cooked all the way through.


The 10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes of 2018

Nothing is as perfect, iconic, and delicious as a beautifully-browned roast chicken surrounded by a puddle of buttery, garlicky pan juices. And if you’ve ever been hesitant to roast a whole bird at home, this one’s for you—it’s converted many a nervous meat cooker. Consider this chicken, a hunk of good baguette, and a simple green salad your Sunday afternoon plan from now on.


The 25 Most Popular Recipes of 2018

Switching out the traditional mix of pine nuts, Parmesan, basil, olive oil, and garlic, this recipe uses spinach, cilantro, and some delicate white miso for an intensely vibrant, smooth pesto that coats each strand of ramen. It’s a dinner that feels like comfort food while still being nourishing and fresh.


Our Very Favorite New Recipes of 2018

Andy’s tachin, which we called descriptively, “crunchy baked saffron rice,” was my favorite recipe in 2018. It introduced me to Persian food, something I felt pretty distant from before—would I be able to find the ingredients? (Yes.) Flip the thing without breaking it? (Yes.) Do justice to this iconic dish? (I think I did!). It’s veryyyy delicious, the textures so satisfying, all crunchy and then creamy inside, thanks to full-fat yogurt. But this is about more than flavor—this recipe is a symbol of Andy, the love of his family combined with his love of cooking, his love for rice… It’s an embodiment of all that love, and you can taste it. —Alex Beggs, senior staff writer


25 Gluten-Free Party Recipes For All Your Holiday Entertaining Needs

Almond flour is a wonderfully sweet, nutty complement for fresh carrots, walnuts, and raisins. If you can’t find it, though, here’s a trick: use 2¼ cups whole almonds and pulse them in a food processor along with salt, baking powder, all three spices, and baking soda until very, very finely ground.


Bon Appétit’s 10 Most Popular Recipes in November 2018

It got pretty damn cold across the country this month, which means hearty dishes and baked goods were on heavy rotation. In November, the most popular recipes involved seasonal ingredients like butternut squash (soup and an impressive tart), maple syrup (with roasted carrots), and apples (how could you not swoon for our new naked apple dessert?). Check out the full lineup of super hits below, perhaps while sipping on a hot penicillin cocktail to bust that cold you’re probably fighting.


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